productionmap is an Integrated Visual platform for DevOps.

We make your automation development fast and easy.

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The Designer

Our Orchestrator lets you simply drag and drop

The Code

Simple Java Script editor backed by a full Object Model of ProductionMap


Each execution is automatically documented

The Admin

There are lots of servers, lots of technologies to control. The Admin comes handy to control

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Get Started Now

ProductionMap’s Solution

We make DevOps automation tasks faster and easier by providing an orchestration visual platfrom backed by a development platform, all based on the most up-to-date and open source technologies.

Users can develop any level of automation – from simple to complex – using basic JavaScript or any other coding language. We manage all the server side orchestration on large scale of servers, using hybrid technologies.

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We use ProductionMap to manage all of our customers’ products deployment. ProductionMap is a visually appealing, easy-to-use platform which we use on a daily basis as it saves us time and energy and facilitate our management of all deployment issues.
Tal Levi, Any-App
“We are constantly trying to improve our processes and automate the work as much as we can. working in one of the biggest CRM company products that is growing rapidly we were looking for a simple, elegant yet powerful solution to automate our IT infrastructure as much as we can. ProductionMap is our chosen solution for IT automation. intuitive , fast learning curve and quick results is the key components we were looking for and found in ProductionMap”
Adi Glasman, ZenDesk

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