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ProductionMap is an Orchestration Platform backed by a development platform
dedicated for IT & DevOps.

The Designer

Our Orchestrator lets you simply drag and drop.
You start planning the process of your automation.

Actually seeing the process makes it easy to understand.

Map Design Screen

The Code

Soon you will notice that you need to add conditions filters, get previous execution results. For this reason comes the coding.

Simple Java Script editor backed by a full Object Model of ProductionMap will help you to complete the automation.

The Code Screen

The Admin

There are lots of servers, lots of technologies to control. The Admin comes handy to control.

The Admin also controls map execution. You can schedule a map execution or trigger map execution whenever there is a special event.

Admin -Servers Screen

The Agents

Each remote server has its own “Base Agent” and each PMBA has its own “Dedicated Agents” PMDA to automate.
You can develop your own simple PMDA and make sure they will be running on all of your servers.


Continues Integration & Continues Deployment

You can trigger an execution of a map from remote events such as commits

PM_Reports Screen


Each execution is automatically documented. You can view the execution as a log, but if the execution is running on hundreds of servers it is easier to view the log as a visual report.

PM_Reports Screen